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About us

Welcome to Touch AutoCar Care!

Touch’s success story with Malaysian began in Year 2000. The founder, Ms Karen, began her caring tradition through Touch AutoCar Care with the belief that everyone deserves the best service with a comfort environment when it comes to car servicing. Nine years later, Touch Comprehensive Car Care Program, the revolutionary CRM practice of car care services industry, was introduced to Malaysian from all walks of life, which include a ‘TouchforLadies’ program, specifically cater to the Malaysian women as a whole. And today, many of the people nationwide have satisfactorily experienced their pleased results with us.

As we constantly improve and upgrade in the latest servicing techniques and new product technologies, Touch is committed to ensure maximum safety and efficiency to inspire the everyday people’s mobility – to work, travel or just for leisure and pleasure. We aim to inspire the pride of ownership of every driver to enhance lasting satisfaction and for the safeties of their loves one.

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